"Devon combines her extensive knowledge with deep intuitive wisdom, to create a human design approach that feels so right. In a world of self proclaimed experts, she truly embodies the teachings and is the type of guide we need more of in the world; someone you can trust that timeless wisdom is being transmitted for your awakening."

- Erin Eber

“Devon’s a friend of mine, who’s work I really admire. She’s got a really incisive brain and mind, and a big open heart — I love her attitude.”

—Richard Rudd, Author of the Gene Keys

Hi, I’m Devon Martin

I'm a writer, healer and teacher who shares from my direct experience with spiritual arts and systems of self-knowledge. I've journeyed on a decade long search for healing, truth, and reclamation — which led me across the globe, through rigorous training programs and back into the power of my heart.

Since 2012 I've gathered a multifaceted toolbox of spiritual initiations throughout my journey. I'm now synthesizing my archives of experiential wisdom and sharing them with you.

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